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Logotype for the interior designer ‘Kaverina’


Veronika Pomazkova is a young interior designer with Russian routes, studying and living in Paris now. She took her grandmather's family name for her company’ name. The brief was to try out two approaches—a clean and simple geometric style and a style with ‘Russian flavour’.




First sketches were done by hand. We made several geometric style sketches, but it felt like a boring and common way and the result did not seam to be that exciting. That is why we focused on the second direction—the one with a ‘Russian flavor’. We didn’t want it to look old slavonic, but rather something modern. That is why we decided to use the heritage of Peter the Great’s Civil type with its very own character and a mix of Russian and European.


At the first presentation we showed four sketches: two geometric and two ‘Russian/European’ mix styles.


The client had the same impression as we had, he liked the sketch with more character and more contrast between thicks and thins. We digitised the sketch and focused on working with details. e tried to find a proper shape that will help to make the spacing between the letters more even.