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Branding for Aliona Doletskaya

Last year we collaborated with Tsentsiper Company on the development of the identity for the personal fashion brand of Aliona Doletskaya, the former editor-in-chief of Vogue Russia and the editor in chief of the Russian Interview magazine. Initial brief was not just to create a logo. We had to choose a corporate typeface to go along and also to create a sign, an abbreviation be used on its own. The three elements: logotype, sign and typeface had to match with each other perfectly as the main elements of the visual identity for the new Aliona Doletskaya’s brand.

Finally we got our hands on all the work we’ve done and created this video about the process behind. Watching it superfast with the sound on 🔊 is the best way to enjoy it for us, but if you are interested in looking at it more thoughtfully please check our page on Behance.

Created in collaboration with Tsentsiper
Art direction: Misha Smetana

Designers: Maria Doreuli, Elizaveta Rasskazova
Typeface: William Text and William Display